CARBO CHEM - Deburring process for carbon steel.

Effectively removes all fine and super-fine burrs from surfaces and corners. reduction of the surface micro-roughness is also achieved.

K-2 Carbochem process deburrs and Micro-smoothens parts made of hardened and unhardened carbon steel with carbon Content up to 1.3 % low alloy steel & Soft iron. A bright Polished finished can be achieve provided the carbon Content does not exceed 0.4 %.

Rotor of a fuel injection pump before and after processing with
K - 2 CARBOCHEM to remove burrs and achieve a particle-free surface. (approx. half full size)

The advantages of the K - 2 Carbochem Processes

1 All surfaces of the component being treated are deburred and micro-smoothed, including those areas where normal access is impossible.
2 Surface fissures are removed giving improved service life and component durability
3 Friction, wear and tear are reduced.
4 Dimensional accuracy within fine limits can be maintained on edges and surfaces.
5 Significant improvement in homogeneity and adhesion of subsequent plating deposits or CVD and PVC coatings.
6 The quality and strength of welded and soldered joints is positively influenced.
7 The fusing action with glass is improved.


  K-2 Pickling Paste
  K-2 Pickling Spray
  K-2 Pickling Dip
  K-2 Pickling Duplo
  K-2 Passivation
  K-2 SSA For bulk pickling
  K-2 400 Series


Pickling passivation ensures corrosion resistance to components of stainless steel and thus considerably influences their life and usefulness.   


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