About K-2

SURFACE INNOVATORS LLP has been serving the Stainless Steel Industry with their chemicals for Pickling and Passivation of Stainless Steel for over two decades.

It has become a symbol of trust for most of the stainless steel industry today. The promoters Mr. Anish Shah and Mrs. Anushree Kulkarni have graduated from Mumbai University and are qualified DIPloma holders in electroplating and marketing which has given the organization a boost in terms of knowledge & expertise.

The chemicals used traditionally were hazardous and not up to the mark in terms of finishing, quality and also not meeting the standards for cleaning stainless steel. The scope for new products was abundant and to cater this, promoters joined hands to form SIPL to introduce a revolutionary Pickling and Passivation Chemical called for the Stainless Steel Industry. These chemicals are safe and served the purpose of making the stainless steel shine and also meet the stringent international quality & environmental standards specifications.

As a token of gratitude, we would like to mention that this venture would not have been a reality without the guidance of Mr.Kumar Shah Chairman of M/s. Progressive Chemicals.


Core Competencies

Our ability to develop effective surface treatment chemicals with latest technology in collaboration with M/s. Poligrat GmbH, Germany is widespread to various forms of stainless steel and its alloys. Our in house R&D team which is recognized by the council of eminent Scientists & Research analysts is dedicated to develop products indiGENously for Indian as well as emerging International markets which are suitable for local conditions & meets respective environmental standards. Our qualified engineers & management graduates which form the management & support team of SIPL are well equipped with knowledge & expertise and drives the organization towards success in a professional & ethical manner while nurturing our corporate social responsibilities at all times.


Our Mission

To introduce innovative, international, quality of revolutionary products for the stainless steel industry with sustainable growth while adhering to highest standards of Quality Controls for all inputs & final products that helps in providing our valued customers trouble free service & value for their money with the continuous support for R&D experts, collaborators & associates.


Our Vision

To be a global leader in surface finishing technology for stainless steel and its alloys.