BIO PASSIV - Bio Friendly Passivating Solution

What is K-2 Bio Passiv ?

K-2 Bio Passiv is a natural organic liquid chemical compound which is used to clean and passivate stainless -steel equipments in Pharmaceutical, food, dairy, beverage & cosmetic industries. This chemical compound contains common edible material which works as a catalyst in Passivating stainless-steel.
K-2 Bio Passiv is compatible with the environment & can be easily blended into sanitary sewage systems. K-2 Bio Passiv is well acclaimed & technically accepted technology world wide.


1 K-2 Bio Passiv is ideally suitable for intermediary cleaning in-between production batches

2 K-2 Bio Passiv produces a truly passive surface and the chelating agents do not have a negative impact on the Stainless Steel surfaces, making the SS metal absolutely corrosion resistant.

3 K-2 Bio Passiv chemical gives improved and faster removal of free iron from the surface of Stainless Steel without touching and damaging the parent metal.

4 K-2 Bio Passiv enhances the Passiv layer on stainless steel giving an optimum chrome iron ratio making the surface corrosion resistant.

5 Even Stainless steel electro polished surfaces when treated with K-2 Bio Passiv further increases the corrosion resistance.

6 Does not affect Epoxy flooring

7 And absolutely environmental safe chemistry that also offers ease of disposal in sewage system.

K-2 Bio Passiv is useful in pre-operational maintenance & post-operational cleaning of Stainless Steel equipments.

Approved by NASA Laboratories USA

K-2 Bio Passiv treated SS surface pass all Salt Spray, Immersion, High Humidity Tests.


  K-2 Pickling Paste
  K-2 Pickling Spray
  K-2 Pickling Dip
  K-2 Pickling Duplo
  K-2 Passivation
  K-2 SSA For bulk pickling
  K-2 400 Series


Pickling passivation ensures corrosion resistance to components of stainless steel and thus considerably influences their life and usefulness.   


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