Advantages Of K-2

  • Removes built in corrosion from stainless steel
  • Removes scales, discolouration & ferritic contamination
  • Metal removal can be controlled
  • Stops corrosion & restores full corrosion resistance to the treated surface
  • Fuming is negligible
  • Removes metallic contaminants, oxide scales, rust spots & annealing colours
  • Pin holes can be detected
  • Gives flawless, uniform, smooth contamination free, sterile, particle free, passive surface


(All stainless steel pharmaceutical machinery / chemical machinery / dairy & beverage machinery / process systems / pressure vessels / storage tanks / reactors / fermentators / s.s. pipelines/ strirrers / mixers / heat exchangers / process plants / silos / huge s.s equipments etc. can be cleaned as per ASTM - A380 standards using range of chemicals.

We also undertake contract for pickling & passivation job work at site for our customers. chemicals are now approved satisfactorily by third party inspection aGENcies as per international standards ASTM-A380.)